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  • Brightside Win!
    Updated On: Oct 16, 2017
    Bright Day for Day Care: Day Care workers at eight Brightside Academy locations voted to overwhelmingly join District Council 1707!

    LONG Hours, Short Pay Ease Election Path as DC 1707 Adds Day-Care Staff

    “I’ve been here for 11 years and my check is the same," said Shirley Diaz, Managing Lead Teacher at a Brightside Academy location in the Bronx on Sept. 27, the day the day care center voted to join District Council 1707.

    Eight Brightside locations in the Bronx and Brooklyn held elections during the past two weeks in which staff voted to join the union that represents day care, head start, social service, homecare, and fundraising workers. The day care workers expressed excitement as they finally have a support system, another voice to be heard, and another safe haven, their Union.

    Lilian Konate, the Cook at the Melrose location said that staffing has been an issue at the day care center. Working long hours past the school’s closing and not getting paid overtime. Staff workers were thrilled at the idea of finally having a union and progressively begin to experience much needed stability and security.

    The Melrose day care voted 14-0 in favor of joining DC 1707, which won the election at every other location. The 27,000 member union has added 400 members (250 from Brightside) since Kim Medina took over as Executive Director back in May. 

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