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  • Labor Day Parade!
    Updated On: Sep 12, 2017
    DC 1707 members were out marching demonstrating their unity and pride!

    Members and Families Make Labor Day Parade Bounce

    Huge Crowd Demonstrates Gains in Outreach

    The day was bright and sunny.  No rain or sweltering heat predicted.  And they came. Excited for the present, preparing for the future. 

    More than 200 members and their families filled 5th Avenue for the annual Labor Day Parade. Wearing white shirts and caps blazoned with the new DC1707 logo. A new design bringing new emotions and change that was much needed. The members felt it, the children loved it and all that could be seen from turn to turn were smiles and so much pride. Members strutted down the avenue waving to pedestrains as well as making sure everyone knew who we are, who they are. 

    This was not the Easter Parade crowd. This was a union crowd, a prideful joyous union crowd at that. 

    You could here them say to their children that this is my union. Most recalling the times when their parents would utter the same words to them. Who would've thought a movement for equality and tranquility would be celebrated and bring about so much respect and honor, this day unlike many others brought us together, united. 

    Children and adults both were beating the inflated thunder sticks and dancing lively to the rhythms of the music.  Even the bishop who was a stand-in for the Cardinal Timothy Dolan in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral got into the celebration by donning a DC 1707 cap and waved enthusiastically to members.

    When they passed Trump Tower the boos were deafening. Once again proving that we the people, are united in all fronts and discredit anyone who encourages bigotry and division. 

    The union delegation led the float and the school bus decorated with the local banners.

    The children had smiles that beamed from ear to ear whether they were on the float of walking down the avenue waving to crowds. They are New York City’s future. These are not the children of the rich or the privileged, but of parents who have hopes and dreams for their loved ones. 

    On this day we celebrated unity, we celebrated hope, we celebrated us. Always remembering we care, we count, and most importantly, We are Proud!  

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